The Flag Foundation of Nigeria
The Flag Foundation of Nigeria
The Flag Foundation of Nigeria

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What We Do

  • We articulate and provide the support base for enlightenment of the Nigerian public on matters of national importance especially as it concerns our national heritage and ethos. We work with government, government agencies, patriotic spirited individuals and corporate organizations selflessly to deliver our message through symposia, seminars and conferences among other channels. We use the national flag as a medium of invoking the spirit of patriotism and as a common factor of inspiration for the citizens of our great country, Nigeria.

  • Embark on public enlightenment through citizenship education initiative that arouses national consciousness.

  • Liaises and collaborate with the key arms of government at all levels.

  • Partners with organized private sector, corporate organizations, professional bodies and institutions, students and other associations.

  • Use the national flag as a medium of invoking the spirit of patriotism and inspiration for the citizens.

  • Educating Nigerians about the respect of our national flag.

  • Collaborate with other like-minded non-government organizations, civil society and advocacy groups e.g Boys Scout, Man-O-War, and Girl’s Guide etc.


Our Aims and Objectives

  • To help prepare the Nigerian youths, families and communities for the patriotic duties and responsibilities of Nigerian citizenship. Combat all influences hostile to the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and to advance the true meaning of civic and religious liberty, by creating appreciation and love for Nigeria culture and traditions under the umbrella of Green and White Nigerian Flag.

  • To popularize and arouse public sentiment in-favour of the flag, enhance respect for it and to encourage flying of the right quality flag, the right colour, in the right way over public premises, using it as a vehicle for the promotion of Nigeria patriotism.

  • To educate Nigerians that democracy begins with citizens taking the initiative on public problems than waiting for government action, that citizenship means acting with informed concern for self and fellow citizens.

  • To employ every available and appropriate means, in projecting Nigeria and Nigerian’s image positively at home and before the international community.

  • To educate Nigerians that the business of nation-building is not necessarily the prerogative of government alone, but a collaborative process between the government, private and corporate citizens and other organizations. That every Nigerian has a particular function to carry out, as a free citizen to help make our great country a better place for all.

  • To help Nigerians develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for Nigeria’s peculiar history, its cultural diversities, and to believe and accept our diversity as a divine arrangement designed for our uniqueness and our source of strength.

  • That the call to respect, honour and revere the green and white Nigerian national flag is not idolatry but, a patriotic and civic duty which is one practical way of demonstration of patriotism, love for our great country.

  • To educate and enlighten the government, its agencies and the general public on flag matters and other related emblems, flag flying, discipline and design as experts, to collaborate with government at all levels to help meet their set objectives based on good governance.

  • To enlighten and educate the citizenry, mostly those in the rural areas of their civic duties and responsibilities, as well as their rights, privileges,  obligations and the need for them to actively participate in voting during elections – as that is  the only legal means of enthroning a government of their choice.

  • To establish a unit to be known and called “POSITIVE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND EMPOWERMENT CENTRE” in order to focus more on youth development, leadership training, citizenship duties, responsibilities, rights, obligations and national ethos.