The Flag Foundation of Nigeria
The Flag Foundation of Nigeria
The Flag Foundation of Nigeria

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The Flag Foundation of Nigeria is a Non-Governmental and non profit making organization established by patriotic Nigerians who are committed to work selflessly to promoting a better and respectable society for all Nigerians.

We are concerned about the gradual but steady descent of our great nation from all fronts of our national life. We are desirous to work with government and Nigerians with unmitigated love for our country to find lasting solutions to the challenges militating against the realisation of the dreams of authentic Nigerian nationhood.

At Flag Foundation of Nigeria, we believe that our country has more than enough potentials to launch itself into the orbit of greatness in a very short period of time if our priorities are rightly placed.

As our own way of contributing our quota to national revival and development, we have chosen to establish this organization, the first of its kind in Nigeria to stimulate the right attitude among Nigerians to the code of the national flag. We recognized that many Nigerians are ignorant of the full import of the Green and White flag of our great nation in our social life. In most cases, and quite unfortunate too, the culprits to this scandalous ignorance are Nigerians working in high places. There are obvious incidents of flying the flags wrongly in government owned establishments and corporate organizations even as most of the flags are printed with wrong materials.

It is therefore the desire of the Flag Foundation of Nigeria to step in and correct these anomalies.

We are open to every Nigerian at home and in the diaspora because we believe that the business of building a great nation must necessarily involve all and sundry.

We are determined to bring to the commonest understanding of the citizenry the exigencies and challenges of nation building, hence the need for a joint effort towards making our country a better place for all.